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About GMOC

The GENI Meta-Operations Center (GMOC), located at Indiana University, will design and craft the protocols and processes needed to bring consistency and repeatability to GENI’s federated infrastructure.

For GENI Spiral 1, the GMOC will collaboratively define the core operational dataset needed for successful operation and integration of GENI aggregates.  The GMOC will also work with Control Framework Clusters to develop the appropriate format and protocol for data sharing.  Finally, the GMOC will collect this data from GENI Spiral 1 projects as they come online.

Using this data, the GMOC will begin to provide basic operational functions.  For Spiral 1, this will include “Emergency Stop” capabilities to limit impact of malfunctioning slices, and a portal for operational information from a GENI-wide perspective.

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Final GMOC Proposal submitted to the GENI Project Office (GPO).

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